No Going Back: A Just Transformation

Globally, we stand at a crossroads. Billions are being spent on restarting the economy, but will this money be used to prop up the same broken system? Or can we build something better? The current crisis has hugely increased public awareness, both of the deadly fractures of climate breakdown, inequality, racism, and of the possibilities of rapid action and societal transformation. There is a strong demand for change: to seize this opportunity to rethink and rebuild.

We need immediate action, while spending decisions are being made. We have to push back against corporate lobbying for unconditional bailouts of dirty industries. We also need longer term movement building, learning from the many different facets of this movement. For many of us that will also mean keeping the pressure on in our own trade unions. 

We've compiled a list of resources below. Inclusion in this list doesn't mean the Campaign against Climate Change would endorse every measure, but we think they're useful for information, inspiration and to give a sense of the public demand for change. What do you think is most important? What don't you agree with? What is most crucial for your local area?

Take action 

Build Back Better - letter writing action to MPs calling for for bail-outs to protect workers and climate, not blank corporate cheques and campaign resources for community organising.

24 June ITUC Global Day of Action (arranging meetings with employers and elected representatives)

30 June Climate Coalition Virtual lobby of MPs

Resources - videos and webinars

No Going Back: Climate, Jobs and Justice in a time of Covid Crisis (CACCTU)

Mapping a Just Transformation: Burned: Are trees the new coal? (CACCTU)

Scotland, Norway, Climate Jobs and Covid 19 (ScotE3)

UK Climate Fair Shares Webinar 1 and Webinar 2

Resources - further reading

Campaign against Climate Change Statement on Black Lives Matter

Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice Ten demands for response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group One Million Climate Jobs

Call for Global Climate Jobs

COVID-19: Ten Priority Options for a Just, Green & Transformative Recovery (backed by several UN agencies and other global institutions)

TUC A Better Recovery

Caroline Lucas Green Steps to Better

Labour for a Green New Deal 

CLES Owning the future9 approaches for local governement

Coronavirus: Home insulation 'could create cheap jobs' (full report here)

NEF & Possible Crisis support to aviation and the right to retrain

Green Alliance A circular economy will help protect us against future shocks

Blue sky thinking: how cities can keep air clean after coronavirus

Local plans

Ten proposals for a Green Reset in Coventry

(let us know of any more resources for this section!)