Template motion for trade union affiliation

This branch/region/trades council notes that as global temperatures rise, the impacts on humans and ecosystems are also multiplying. Extreme weather events such as heatwaves, drought and flooding have the greatest impact in those regions and communities which have done least to contribute to the problem.

It notes that the UK hosting a crucial UN climate summit (COP26) in November 2021 makes the coming year a crucial one for climate action.

It also notes that while time is running out fast to aviod the worst impacts of catastrophic climate change, the UK government's target of 'net zero' by 2050 falls short of what is needed. Further, policies currently in place leave us well off track to achieve even this target.

It believes that measures like those proposed in the “One Million Climate Jobs” report would not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also, by boosting the economy, offer an alternative to austerity, investing in the infrastructure needed for a sustainable future.

It further believes that trade unions have a vital role to play in bringing about urgent climate action and a worker-led just transition which is rooted in workers' rights and social justice.

The branch/region/ trades council therefore resolves:

1. To affiliate to the Campaign against Climate Change.

2. To support civil society mobilisations around COP26

3. To make a bulk order for copies of the One Million Climate Jobs report for sale to members. [Copies can be ordered here].

4. To notify the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group of our decision by e-mailing climatetradeunion@gmail.com

[Affiliation fees: branches and trades councils £25, regions and County Associations £50, national unions from £150, depending on size]