Recall Parliament to discuss saving the British steel industry

The financial threat to Tata Steel’s British operations has put 40,000 jobs on the line. Yet these jobs and this industry should be central to the creation of a sustainable economy.

As the World Steel Association has pointed out:

“Every part of a wind turbine depends on iron and steel... steel holds the blades in place as they turn, using a cast iron or forged steel rotor hub... Steel’s strength makes it ideal for the nacelle’s frame, housing and machinery... About 90% of all wind turbine towers are tubular steel towers.”  

Ken Montague, Secretary of the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group said today

“Saving the steel industry in the UK would be highly popular. Jobs would be protected in an industry that is central to the transition to a sustainable economy. We need steel for thousands of wind turbines, for sustainable infrastructure, for a more efficient energy grid, and for new trains, trams and low carbon public transport. We support the demand for a recall of parliament to discuss this urgent issue.”

The Campaign against Climate Change has called for One Million Climate Jobs to be created in the fight against the threat of catastrophic climate change. 

Suzanne Jeffery from the CaCC said “We need One Million Climate Jobs to help make Britain a zero carbon economy. The disappearance of 40,000 jobs in the steel industry will make this harder. In the aftermath of the COP21 climate conference the British government should be fighting to retain jobs that could help transform our economy.”

The One Million Climate Jobs campaign is supported by 8 national unions, the PCS, UCU, CWU, Unite Food and Allied Workers Union, Fire Brigades Union, and TSSA as well as the NUS.

Steel Solutions in the Green Economy: Wind Turbines, World Steel Association, 2012