COP21 - A deal that kills our planet is no deal for us

As the UN climate talks in Paris draw to a close, activists in Paris, despite the state of emergency, will be finding creative ways to make their voices heard and to remind the world of what is important - that there are 'red lines' that cannot be crossed if we are to have a just and liveable planet.
In London we stand in solidarity with those activists and their freedom of speech. We stand with negotiators from countries whose very survival is threatened if average global temperatures rise more than 1.5C. The pledges countries submitted going into the climate talks would take us well past even the 2C warming agreed as the absolute limit to avoid catastrophic climate change. And we stand with everyone ready to take action in 2016 to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and keep us from crossing the red lines.
We also call on our own government to act on climate. Recent cuts to clean energy and home insulation threaten UK emissions cuts. We need action at home, not just warm words in Paris. 
Join us in Old Palace Yard, opposite Parliament, for speeches 2.30-3pm, and then help carry a 300m long 'red line' banner across Westminster Bridge, as a visible symbol of our determination.
We are grateful for the support of the Belarus Free Theatre company making this action possible. 
"Belarus Free Theatre is delighted that CCC is using this red line on Saturday. We are sorry not to be able to join you, but the company is now back at home in Minsk. BFT first used the red line last year in London and Edinburgh in actions against fracking and the building of an unsafe nuclear power station, and against TTIP in Rome."
Pictures from Belarus Free Theatre actions in 2014.
If you can join us, please email If you're on Facebook, you can also join and share the Facebook event but it's really helpful to have email RSVPs as well. 
Wear something red if you can!


Saturday, December 12, 2015 - 14:30