The Race to Zero Carbon Britain

Obstacle course

Why? Because we are teetering on the brink of climate catastrophe.

Is Zero Carbon Britain by 2030 possible? Yes! The Centre for Alternative Technology's groundbreaking report sets out one path to zero carbon. While you might not agree with everything in it, it shows the scale of ambition that is achievable.

What do we need to do? A lot - Renewable energy, energy-efficient buildings, better public transport, a sustainable food system, less flying...

Can we afford it? The short answer is that we can't afford not to. But the Million Climate Jobs report shows how the low-carbon transition also gives hope to a generation of young people suffering from high unemployment and provides an alternative to austerity.

What's standing in our way? Those who stand to make a profit out of continual fossil fuel dependence and have an unhealthy influence over governments and media. Examples come almost daily.

  • George Osborne declares that renewables subsidies should be cut in case they displace fossil fuels.
  • The budget for energy and climate change communication is slashed by 95%.
  • The government decides to continue or even expand support for fossil fuel projects through the Export Credit Guarantee Department, despite promising to shift to greener energy projects.
  • Newspapers such as the Daily Mail cynically distort the facts on climate science and the cost of green energy.
  • And even on the BBC it is considered sensible to pose the question "But you can't absolutely prove that CO2 is responsible for global warming?"

So the race to Zero Carbon Britain becomes an obstacle course. But we have no choice but to run it, dealing with these forces of obstruction head-on.  There are plenty who give us inspiration along the way.

Join us!