Holding On Together

It happened - our worst fears for the US election realised. We know that Trump will try and undo US environmental and climate legislation with the aid of climate deniers. It is argued that the drafting of the Paris climate deal will mean it can survive this. But our fight just got even harder.

Our thoughts are with all those in the US who have fought and are still fighting against hate, intolerance and political corruption, and in particular all those who now fear direct attacks on their own rights because of their faith, ethnicity, sexuality or gender. Our thoughts are with those at Standing Rock and environmental activists elsewhere on the front line.

And for everyone around the world feeling so much more fearful for our fragile planet our thoughts are with you in your struggles. Now, more than ever, as activists we need to show solidarity, to build bridges across movements, across oceans.

And a personal message: We keep going, we keep fighting because there is no alternative. But to be able to do that we need to look after each other and look after ourselves. Check in with others, ask for help if you need it. You might want to read the article about self-care as an activist that the sentences below are drawn from.

Let's keep holding on together.

With increasing climate change, deepening inequality, and a strategic erosion of democracy, this might seem like an odd time to suggest that we slow down and take better care of our own physical and emotional health. But what if this is just what we need, not only because it's good for us as individuals, but because it actually makes all of our efforts stronger and more powerful?

The truth is that we need one another: good and sustainable self-care means asking for help, and building networks of support that stick with us through the long haul.

Your life is worthy of joy and enjoyment, just as every life. Just as you would fight so much to achieve this for others, so too do you deserve this experience for yourself. Our well-being is inextricably linked. And so, self-care is a necessity. And it is an integral part of our collective work for a more just world.