A Green New Deal for the UK

The Green New Deal is a growing global movement. The idea originally emerged in the UK a decade ago, but in the past year it has taken off as a campaign in the US, led by the Sunrise Movement and brought forward as a resolution by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, aiming to virtually eliminate US greenhouse gas emissions in a decade by transforming the country's infrastructure and with a focus on social justice.

Campaigners are calling for a similar plan in the UK: huge investment in our economic future of the UK, to create a new generation of jobs in the industries and infrastructure we need to tackle the climate crisis. The movement is demanding a new approach to running our economy that guarantees decent work, greater ownership and economic democracy, with a central purpose of putting people and the planet first.

The main target of the campaign is on the Labour Party and trade unions, however since the goal is ultimately a wholescale transformation of society, this is not exclusive. The UK youth strike for climate on 25 April made a Green New Deal a key focus (see picture above).

The Labour for a Green New Deal campaign sets out five principles:

  • Full decarbonisation by 2030
  • Public ownership and worker control of industry
  • Good jobs, housing, healthcare and education for all
  • Mass investment in cheap, high-quality public transport
  • An internationalist Green New Deal

Trade Unions supporting a Green New Deal

The Fire Brigades Union has passed a motion to support a GND. Could your branch or union support a motion based on the one below? Sign up for GND campaign updates

What Constituency Labour Party members can do

Each Constituency Labour Party (CLP) can send only one policy motion or rule change to conference. This year CLPs can submit their motion from anytime up until Thursday 12th September 2019. The process for doing so will vary depending on your CLP (and some will have meetings much earlier than that to decide). Get in touch with your CLP Secretary to find out what the process is to submit a motion to send to Labour Party Conference. Motions are maximum 250 words in length.

The motion below is a version of the Green New Deal motion, amended by members of the Campaign against Climate Change trade union group where we felt it could be strengthened:

Conference notes:
1. To prevent the worst effects of climate change, we must keep global temperature rises below 1.5°C.
2. Tackling climate change is critical and indivisible from social, racial and economic justice.
3. Just 100 companies are responsible for the majority of carbon emissions and the Conservative government is going backward on climate change
4. Labour has supported the youth strikes for climate, Extinction Rebellion and called a national Climate Emergency.     
Labour must now include a Green New Deal in its manifesto to include democratic public ownership of our industries and services for a just transition involving all trade unions and communities .Decarbonisating and transforming our economy will reduce inequality and help meet urgent climate targets.
This will include:   
- Commitment to zero carbon emissions by 2030;
- Rapidly phasing out all fossil fuels with a just transition involving workforces and communities in new Lucas plans and retraining 
- One milliion new public sector unionised climate jobs including large scale renewable energy, retrofitting housing stock, integrated democratically owned accessible UK wide electric-powered public transport network, sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty
- A race and gender equality economic plan that includes everyone and recognises different forms of work
- Assuring everyone’s basic rights through the provision of universal services;
- A halt to incompatible new extractive projects such as aviation expansion, fracking, new coal, nuclear and biofuels.
- A halt to destructive carbon trading and capitalist techofixes
- Supporting developing countries’ with international reparations and adaptions funds, sharing  technology and capacity;
- Welcoming climate refugees while abating climate displacement