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Heat wave: on the frontline of climate change

In 2015, climate change is breaking records and taking lives. At the time of writing, the heat wave in India has caused over 2,300 deaths, bringing it close to being the country's most deadly. Temperatures of up to 47C have been recorded.

India's minister for earth sciences, Harsh Vardhan, said “Let us not fool ourselves that there is no connection between the unusual number of deaths from the ongoing heat wave and the certainty of another failed monsoon. It’s not just an unusually hot summer, it is climate change.

Infrastructure Bill - a threat to climate action

The Infrastructure Bill currently passing through Parliament includes a legal obligation on current and future governments to help trash the world’s climate - or in other words to "maximise economic recovery of UK petroleum".

It would also change the trespass law to allow fracking companies to drill beneath people’s homes and land without their permission and to leave any substance or infrastructure in the land.