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Fracking, wind and local 'democracy'

"I want our country to exploit all the natural resources we have. I want us to keep energy bills down and I want us to be part of that revolution, which can create thousands of jobs."

With these words David Cameron, at Prime Minister's Questions on 1st July, could have been expressing his support for developing onshore wind and other renewable energy resources - but he wasn't.

Brighton Climate Action Network launched

Brighton and Hove is a hub of environmental and political activity, and activists met on 11 June to discuss forming a local climate network. Those at the meeting came from environmental and political organisations, faith groups and trade unions, and there was a strong consensus that we needed to work together to ensure massive local support for the protests around the UN climate talks in Paris.  It was agreed as a first step to set up a co-ordinating group for the mobilisations for the November 29th national demonstration and the mass cycle ride to the Paris COP.

Climate Bloc - End Austerity Now National Demo

On Saturday 20th June 250,000 people marched together to protest against the impact that ''austerity' - government cuts now and planned for the future are having on people's lives, particularly the most vulnerable.

Activists from the Campaign against Climate Change, Friends of the Earth, Reclaim the Power and others came together in a 'climate bloc'  because our chances of avoiding catastrophic climate change are also threatened by these short-sighted policies.

We have to invest in infrastructure across the UK that will give us a cleaner, safer, fairer future: renewable energy, public transport, warm homes for all. In doing this, much-needed jobs can be created. But instead, we are promised five years of cuts: cuts to the home insulation budget, cuts to bus services, cuts to cycling investment, and cuts to onshore wind subsidies, a vital form of clean energy. We can't afford to wait five years: scientists are telling us that urgent action is needed now to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Government must rethink its frantic cost-cutting for the sake of future generations.