Fracking solidarity day - part of Rolling Resistance month

New: Report of the day

From Reclaim the Power's "Rolling Resistance Weekly Round-Up: Week 2" (link here):

"A mass demo for climate, jobs, renewables and divestment! The day started with a two car lock on, which kept the gates shut until the crowds arrived. An estimated 200 people came down to the roadside today – many for the first time.  We celebrated the resistance so far and heard from a range of speakers about the solutions we need to see and the wider politics of climate justice, and economic and social justice – of which the anti-fracking movement is part."

"Many trade unions were represented including PCS, Unite, Unison, the NUT and UCU and their speakers emphasised how the Trade Unions would keep supporting the fight against fracking. Strength in numbers meant our mere presence shut Cuadrilla’s site down for the day. It felt like a carnival, with singing, delicious food and even some disco yoga and this very positive and powerful day ended with people linking arms in front of the gate."



This July, Reclaim the Power are heading to Preston New Road in Lancashire to support the amazing local resistance to the UK's first commercial fracking operation. who have held back this frontline of fracking in the UK for over 6 years, as drilling gets closer, people will come from across the country to join them. As part of a jam-packed month of action, every Friday there will be a family-friendly mass demo at the roadside of the site to show solidarity with the local communities and a broad and national opposition to fracking.

On 14 July, the theme is Climate Jobs, Renewables and Divest / Invest. See here for a full programme for the Rolling Resistance month.

Join trade unionists, renewable energy practitioners and divestment campaigners for a day of protest action outside the gates of Cuadrilla’s flagship fracking site at Preston New Road, Lancashire. If they get 100 people to the gates, the police usually shut the frack site down for the day.  There’ll be music, food, games, workshops and inspiring speakers from a range of groups throughout the day.



A delicious spread of ‘renewable’ themed bites to set you up for the day.


All day there’ll be speakers, games, workshops and more food up at the roadside to keep us going throughout the day. Bring yourselves, your friends and any games you’ve got to keep the energy up – they’ll be keeping numbers at 100+ to make sure work is stopped.

6pm DINNER at Maple Farm ‘Community Action Hub’


If you’re travelling from further away for the Friday mass demos, they encourage you to arrive on the Thursday night. We can provide food and camping spaces. We’d love for you to stay for as long as you can over the month. The Mass Demos are a great family friendly introduction, and then you’re welcome to stay for workshops, talks, events and trainings over the weekend to prepare you for actions on Monday.

Camping places are available at the ‘Camp of New Hope’ Community Camp on Preston New Road.


Facebook event for the demonstration on the 14th here.

Facebook event for people travelling up to London for the demonstration on the 14th here.

If you would like to join transport from London to Lancashire for one of the long weekends, please sign up here.


Friday, July 14, 2017 - 08:00 to 21:00